Reasons to be happy – (2)!

As I always start the posts in this series – Ideally one shouldn’t need reasons to stay happy in life! But at times some incidents give you that extra dose of happiness  Mine are as follows:

 I am finally going home for a 10 whole days in the month of March. That seems like a long vacation and after a very long time. I plan to do a lot of things during the trip. Some of them being –

(i) Trip to my Alma Mater –  Thanks to Annayum Rasoolum for bringing Fort Cochin back in to my life. From the moment I saw the little girl in the uniform of the Delta Study , I am wanting to go to my alma mater and just be there!

(ii) Read Malayalam novels – I have decided to start reading Malayalam novels. I read the translated version of ‘Khasakkinte Itihasam’ and realised that I am not doing justice to the great authors if I do not read it in Malayalam. I can always order it online – but going to DC book store, spending some time and picking the books is  something that I will always enjoy.

(iii) (Kayikka’s) Rahmuthala Hotel – New Road, Mattancherry – I want to go and eat my fair share of biriyani! It has been really long.

(iv) Old Harbour House Fort Kochi – This is one place I want to  take my parents out for a dinner. Fort Cochin is one place that has given us some beautiful and lovely memories. Want to re-live them once again with family.

The most important of all – spend time with mamma and daddy 🙂 . The countdown begins for March 23, 2013!