City of Nawabs !

Not being able to pen down my thoughts creates claustrophobia of sorts within me. May be writing has sort of become an addiction – just the way I am addicted to tea. I do not intend to propagate the latter, but definitely think the former is a ‘good’ addiction.The last few months have not been super busy and hence that is not the excuse I intend to give. I have been lethargic and lazy and hence the blog was neglected.Amongst the few fun trips I did, visiting Lucknow has been an amazing experience mainly due to the company, the lovely bride and her family (yes- I went to attend a wedding) and of course the beautiful city.

Just like ‘Sarah’ is an anglicized version of the Malayalam name ‘Saramma’ (that’s a some history of how I got my name), ‘Lucknow’ has quite a bit of history of how ‘Laksmanauti’ gave way to ‘Laksmnaut’ which further made way for ‘Laksnaut’, ‘Laksnau’, ‘Laknau’, and finally Lucknow! Though we did not get much time to explore the all the historical places in the city of Nawabs we did squeeze in some time to see some of famous places and of course hog on the world famous kebabs! So on a satuday morning, after a fun filled ‘sangeet’ on Friday A, N and I ventured out to see a bit of the Nawabi Lucknow!

Our first stop was at ‘Bara Imambara’ in Hussainabad built by Nawab of Lucknow, Asaf-ud-Daula. The guide who was more than happy to explain the history told us that the Imamabara has largest hall in Asia without any external support from wood, iron or stone beams – which, I refused to believe until I ‘googled’ it. Led me to wonder about my dependency and trust on google rather than the people around.

The walk through the Imambara, listening to the guide who was speaking a mix of Hindi and Urdu and getting lost in Bool Bulaiya added to the fun! Respect to the 22000 laborers who toiled day and night in creating this architectural beauty. I don’t think my pictures does justice to the beauty of the place, however adding some here  – the rest remains in the memories!



The chota Imambara is another architectural beauty which is situated near the Bara Imambara. Known as the Palace of lights, it’s said to look breathtakingly beautiful at night. My love for chandliers and lamps is quite evident to the numerious pictures I uploaded here. Adding some more to the collection, with the ones taken at Bara Imambara.






A friend had mentioned about Hazratganj the moment I mentioned about my travel to Lucknow. Hazratganj, is the city’s main market, where you get to buy the high end brands as well as Lucknow’s own Chickankari. A long walk around the place and a late lunch of amazing Kebabs, was indeed a beautiful end to the sight seeing in Lucknow. Between all these visits we did manage to squeeze in time to do some shopping too.Though we wanted to see more of the place, we were more than happy to end the trip and get back to the hotel and get dressed for one of the most awesome weddings I have been.

What more do you need when you have been part of a journey where people were amazing, place was beautiful and experiences worth remembering for a life time. Lucknow definitely showcases and will always be known for the ‘Nawabi’ and regal splendors however what I take away from the city is the warmth of the people, charm and beauty in their language!