Reasons to be happy – (4)!

Happiness is what you feel when an  acquaintance unexpectedly dedicates a song for you  on radio in a country far far away !

Happiness is what you feel when some clutter that you wrote gets published some where other than your own space!

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Ek Villian and little beyond that.

As always there is no compelling enough reason for my absence from the space for such a long time. Some weekend travel, a cleaning spree bug that caught me over the weekend were good enough reasons to keep me away from writing.

So despite all frivolous obstacles, the last weekend T and I decided to watch ‘Ek Villian’ upon my insistence. The one and only reason to go for the movie was Siddharth Malhotra. At times watching someone so good looking is indeed a pleasure to the eyes. However once the movie started, all eyes were on Ritesh Deshmukh for the sheer brilliance in portraying the character. I felt that a little more of background and build up could have been squeezed in to the movie in order to justify his cruel acts. But nevertheless he did justice to his role.

The idea of writing this post was not to review the movie, but express my concern to all those parents who bring their children for movies like ‘Ek  Villian’. The theatre we watched the movie had at least 4 children ranging from 2 to 8 years watching the movie. Some of the scenes in the movie were so gruesome and brilliantly shot that it irked and created a repulsive emotion in adults like me and haunted me for a day post the movie. In a society where parents ensure that children do not watch explicit love-making scenes in television or in theatres, I wonder why they do not set the same or higher standards for violence. In my perspective, restricting the children from watching violence in any form including rape, molestation etc. is more important than any restriction on watching sexually explicit content.

This led me to research a bit more on the stand taken by film makers on the issue and found some interesting write-ups on the same – including this one by Sudhir Mishra.

Do read !