Always We Hope — Lao Tzu — Interesting and true .


Always we hope someone has the answer,
Some other place will be better,
Some other time, it will out turn out.
This is it.
No one else has the answer,
No other place will be better
It has already turned out.
At the center of your being you have such answers,
You know who you are
And you know what you want.
There is no need to run outside for better seeing.
Nor to peer from a window.
Rather abide at the center of your being
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.
Search your heart and see the way to do is to be
Abide at the center of your being

                                                              —Lao Tzu

Life – Logic – Emotions- Rationale – Connecting the dots?

P.S : There is no logic behind having this picture here. It found a place here only because I love the sea.

Why is it that every decision in your life has to be rational and based on logic. If everyone made their decisions in the same fashion and assuming that these decisions tend to be correct, won’t we end up having the same kind of people in this world. This argument does not mean that everyone who basis their decision on reasons beyond rationality and logic make wrong decision, neither does it mean they make better decisions. It just means that there is a life beyond rationale and logic.

The said world is one of uncertainties. It’s a world filled with emotions. A world where a touch may bind you for lifetime, a smile may make you want to own it for ever, a glance that seals the bond for life. The world comes with its own baggage. It creates a sense of attachment to people beyond your understanding; it does not let you restrain your flow of emotions based on factual reality. It places you in a conflicting path between practical and emotional decision-making. You feel like a boat that is sailing on rough seas and hope to soon  sail on smooth waters. It helps you come to terms with incidents that do not have logic, issues that may never end, and occurrences that can never be stopped. It helps you come to terms with life and more importantly enjoy life.

From where I see it.


She looked like the sea that I grew up watching as a child. Calm and cool –letting the boats sail calmly, letting the fishermen carry on with their livelihood, throwing up a wave here and there to entertain the people who has come to watch, witnessing the love, fun, fights that people have at the beach side. Yes – she was just like that sea from the exterior – calm and cool.

Little did I know that the sea had undercurrents, it’s just those not small waves that make the sea but there are violent ones that destructive. The same sea has destroyed many boats and has sent back many fishermen without the days catch.

I didn’t know there was more to that same sea until I grew up. I didn’t realize there was more to me until I grew up.

Its about her!

Copyright : Suchith Mathai Varkey.
Copyright : Suchith Mathai Varkey.


She  is the one stop source for all solutions to my problems. My parents could be wrong, the text books could be wrong or even Google could be wrong – but she could never be. With time, the  reasoning behind  believing in her has changed. But the fact is that she still remains my one stop source for all solutions to my problems.

She – is my sister. I did not gift her anything for her birthday last month but all I want to tell her is that  – ‘People will come and go in my life. But remember – you shall always remain’.

Note : Sorry brother-in-law  for using the picture of the cake  you got for your wife without your permission!

Truly Random

Complete copyright :Sarah :)
Complete copyright :Sarah 🙂

It’s been sometime since I have visited this space and I have no justifiable reason for not doing so. I hope those people who visit this space occasionally to see some new rambling were disappointed that there wasn’t anything new to read. Surprising bit of life – when one finds joy in seeing disappoint in others life due to your absence.

That reminds me of how consciously or unconsciously the presence or absence of your thoughts in another person’s life affects your emotions. My mother calls me at least three times a day. There are days when I may not have the time to attend her calls. However, seeing her missed calls brings about an immense happiness. The thought that she misses me is important.

Missing things of the past and being nostalgic about it is something that gives me a lot of happiness..I miss my mother’s screaming and ramblings in the morning to wake me up. Miss that hot cup of tea she gives me as I sit on a chair placed between the fridge and the kitchen slab. Miss my father’s constant presence in the drawing room, in front of the television as I scurry around the housing getting things done. Miss the occasional trips to watch movies at the theatre over the weekend.

Watching movies has become more frequent off late when I go home, especially since my parents have started taking a liking to watching movies at PVR in Cochin. Not having to wait in a que for the tickets and not having to struggle to get a parking space are reasons for the liking. My love for current craze- period’s movies also is another reason we end up watching a number of movies during my vacation.

Vacation has become synonymous with freedom/ time to pursue ones passion etc. Wonder how it would be for those who are pursuing their passion as their career. Life becomes a vacation in itself. The though is indeed interesting!

 Interesting things in life are always associated with a certain amount of risk. Today if I want to pursue something that interests me rather than what is most appropriate in the context; it entails a fair amount of risk. As is said, all good things in life don’t come easily.

Good things come by at times and you fail to realize what you have lost out in life unless you go through a sense of loss. I have always being the egoistic one who refuses to acknowledge my mistake, however many a times I get surprised at my own act- my own though process – of admitting my mistake and pursuing what I lost out in life.

All said and done life is unpredictable. You may or may not get all what you want in life. But impatience should never be the reaction to life’s unpredictability. One needs to give life its own time and space to unfold. As one of my true friend believes and professes “Whatever happens in life, happens for the good”.

Disclaimer: This is merely a note that I wrote as a part of the de-cluttering process. There is no end or beginning to it. Just a slice of life that I live.