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The Connect (2)

I have written a post with the same title some months ago -‘The Connect‘. This was  probably when I was in a different phase of life.Now when I see myself a lot more happier in life – here is my take on the same topic!

When I wrote a an exclusive post on my current -craze period and a take on his movie, I had never expected him to appreciate it and share it with his fans on ‘Twitter‘ and ‘Facebook‘ – nevertheless I am glad and surprised too!

Beyond his appreciation what surprised me are the  personal messages that I got from his fans all over the world!

A lovely lady from Chennai sent me a beautiful message : “………….If your Rasool has a way of expressing love with his eyes…you have it with your way with words……you articulate your emotions little subtlety but with a lot of passion…Hopefully you will find your own Rasool soon ………………………………”.

Another one his fans from UAE agreed with me on my views about him and wrote to me ! This bit of the message will definitely make the makers of the movie glad! “…………..after reading your review really feel like watching it..well written again ………….

Then there are others who felt the movie evoked the same kind of emotions in them which I wrote of and expressed his/ her belief in eternal love!

Another one of his lovely fans expressed that she has the same views and opinion about him . The following bit of her message is special and sweet “…………Like you irritate your mom by speaking about him I do irritate my husband (he doesn’t get irritated though, thank God)…. 

There are others who have gone beyond the ‘like’ button on face book and dropped in a few words of appreciation for the write up!

In all these beautiful messages I don’t see him – I see the ‘connect’ that I have made with these lovely people! Makes me realize that you don’t need a months or days to ‘connect’ with some one. If it has to happen – a thought, an expression , a look can connect you with a person for a life time. There need not be any explanation, justifications or boundaries attached to it!

Thank you current craze -period for bringing all these lovely people into my life! Means a lot!

P.S – To all those lovely people in my life – Please do let me know what you think of my virtual world – even if they don’t figure any posts about the current craze -period!

I like ! Part II – Annayum Rasoolum (Subject in scrutiny)

Disclaimer: The post intents to highlight only those aspects I liked about the ‘subject in scrutiny’. I truly believe that I am not competent enough to criticize or point out any flaws of the creator’s vision. Writing off a creative piece which took hundreds of days to take its final form in five minutes is something I don’t stand for. My opinions can be extremely partial if the subject in question has any connection to any person or emotion or thought that is close to me. So welcome to the opinion of the blogger on the subject in scrutiny.

It’s been quite some time since I wrote the first in this series –I like! Part I – Aksharangal (Subject in scrutiny). Had to take something very special like ‘Annayum Rasoolum’ for me to write the Part II.

I loved this movie even before its release for three reasons  (i) current craze –period is in the lead role (ii) Muthumani –a close friend is a part of the movie (iii) shot in Fort Cochin- where I grew up.

I loved this movie even more after its release for the following reasons and many more – in no order of priority!

  1. Extremely well etched characters:  Every character has a background, a line of thought and framework. Every action has a reason behind it – apart from Rasool’s- which is again justified – he is in love and love needs no reason!

  1. Locale: I love Fort Cochin hence anything shot there will be dear to me! But what I liked in this movie was the excellent use of the nuances of the places like the boat jetty,jangar, fishing net , those narrow lanes and many more. Seems like it has been written by a person either lived his life there or done such detailed research. I must thank the makers for the mention of my Alma mater -Delta Study in the movie 🙂 It was wonderful to see the little girl in the uniform that I wore for years!

  1. Narration: Expressing your emotions with your eyes is nothing new in the world of love! All of us would have probably done it at some point in life. But conveying it effectively on reel life is unique and a treat to watch! Another movie where I felt eyes did most of the talking was Mani Ratnam‘s Dil Se – one of my favourites till date!

  1. Fahadh Fazil : Looks truly in love – purpose accomplished! He is not required to portray grey shades, intricate emotions, complex situations like his earlier movies. He simply needs to convince us that he is in love and express all shades if it. He has done that to perfection!As I mentioned in my earlier post about him – either there is a bit of Fahadh in Rasool or he is a brilliant actor or both. Proved to the world that if love can be expressed through a lip lock, it can be equally or expressed better through your eyes!

  1. Andreah Jermiah: I cannot believe that Anna – is played by someone who is an born and brought up in Chennai and has probably never lived in Kerala – leave alone Fort Cochin. She is real, raw,  expressive and beautiful! If the performance Fahadh who has lived in Kerala, been to Fort Cochin, interacted with people from the city can be termed as awesome  then the performance of Andreah who is new to all these must be rated one notch higher – brilliant! Rasool’s Anna remains with you even after the movie.

  1. The music and lyrics: Krishna Kumar have succeeded in creating the right atmosphere by using the songs  of noted singer Mehboob. I see it as a tribute to the legend from the land who loved him. I also see the love and admiration for the real Fort Cochin and not the ‘touristy’ fort cochin through the songs. The use of words like ‘Aspinwall, ‘A.V. Thomas company’ in the song ‘Kayalinarike’ stands out for reasons known to any Kochite!

  1. Take on Romeo and Juliet – Though not completely -the movie looks like a take on Romeo –Juliet . It takes lots of courage, study and  more importantly love for classics to internalise the story and create something beautiful out of it. Hats off to Rajeev Ravi, G. Sethunath and Santhosh Echikkanam.

  1. Directors turned actors: Beyond the excellent acting I see a sense of camaraderie among people in the same profession. They also proved that they know what they make the actors do – acting!

The movie hits you deep down. After I watched the movie I took time to get back – it leaves you in a trance.

Anna and Rasool will are not characters you will be in awe of but they will slowly seep in to you and remain with you. The characters may fade away after some time but will definitely leave a bit of them in you.

 I went for the movie to watch Rasool. But after seeing the movie I beg to differ. Go watch the movie for Rajeev Ravi – and his characterization of Anna and Rasool. This one is a director’s movie!

 All said and done, I will always remain biased towards Rasool! After all he is the current craze-period!

Let love remain.

Factual mistakes in the write-up are to be ignored. Just feel the love 🙂

The life beyond like /comment /share!

The other day I was closely observing what it takes to maintain an LDR [ Long Distance Relationship]!. Spoke to a dear friend who told me that technology in the form of blackberry chats which allows free messaging between two people from any part of the world- is the major factor which led to her relationship and helps her maintain it. Hats off to the two of them for maintaining and keeping the emotion alive despite of being miles apart. Let the love remain forever!

My family members at one point in time, were spread across countries -parents were in India, Kerala, the ‘sister and brother in law’ were in the U.S and I was in London. Skype, G-talk , group e-mails helped us connect and remain together even if it is through the virtual world!

I have made good friends using through the use of technology and those still remain as strong as ever. Significant ‘few’ among the ‘many’ -Part II speaks of one such friendship.

Mediums such as facebook, twitter lets me connect  and interact with friends, family, acquaintances and not to forget the ones I admire – [current craze -period] included!

As I am writing this, I realize I am using technology in the form of blogging tool – wordpress in order to connect to those who are known – unknown , who may agree with my thoughts – disagree with my thoughts.

The use of technology is taken to higher level  when technology helps you not only to keep in touch with your special one but helps you find one too [ matrimonial websites] !I have seen dear ones find theirs through this medium. My tryst with this specific medium calls for another story in itself -so keeping it for some other time!

I do not consider the use of technology as a ‘degradation’ or ‘digitalization’ of any emotion – be it love or hate. Technology lets you track your loved one – be it  your family, friend, lover – irrespective of whichever part of the world they are. It lets you share every moment of yours with your loved one.Its helps you connect with people miles away .It helps you make – break relationships.

All said and done , any emotion should be able to sustain itself even without the technology .Technology should just be a means to express it more effectively.

As a passing thought – I love the option on face book which lets you ‘like’ someone, but wonder if I will be comfortable if it lets you ‘love’ someone!

“………….Extracts (2)……………………..”

It’s all in the mind?

If I am denied something my mind’s want to own  it increased manifold. I don’t look /assess the rightness or wrongness of the want- I just want it. I may not get what I want but I accept something similar and may be better. I want to prove that it was unjust to deny me that – I am capable of getting exactly the same, if not better. I prove to the world that I am not wrong. Even if I am – I don’t care. I got what I wanted.

I have gone through it and more importantly seen others going through it.

When I see it in the context of humans and emotions – it sound like a rebound. Doesn’t it?

Trust me – it’s about the lighthouse!

I have been sailing in the deep rough see for days. I don’t see any lighthouse ahead. The waves are rough and unruly. However there is a rhythm and freedom in the sea that keeps me happy. The sailing is difficult, but one can manage it with the ones who helps you sail through. There are moments of happiness, sadness, loneliness and excitement. The journey is beautiful. I still do not  see the lighthouse. Well, is it relevant anymore?

Life at times is very similar – is it not?

 P.S : Wrote it during the weekend trip with the lovely women in my life!

Shortcuts in life!

At Palghar station -The crack on the wall fascinated me because the view through the crack enabled me to make use of the ‘colour accentuation’ option in my camera! The yellow against the black and white background looks beautiful isn’t it?!


Later on I realised the reason for its existence. It was a suitable short cut to reach the train station.


And I did see gender equality there as well!